Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ok people
I do apologize for lacking so horribly in my updates. But I do have a good reason (you knew I was gonna say that right). I am trying to graduate from college. I have about two more months to go and then I have to hand in my thesis and defend it in front of a jury (I hope – it’s all still very unsure). So until then I have so little time to write, review or even to read that I’m gonna be lacking in updates, here and on my fanfiction page. I know you all can understand this and I’m gonna thank you in advance for sticking around and giving me some space.
Of course I will be back. I’m currently working on a BlackWater FF which is long and I hope you will all really enjoy it, because I’m thoroughly enjoying writing it. Until we meet again! All health and happiness to you.

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